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Cavitron versus Piezo

Every hygienist has their preferred method and equipment. I prefer the Cavitron, as I love being able to adapt all surfaces of my working end to the tooth. I do not have much practice with a Piezo. How do you other hygienists find only being able to adapt lateral sides? Does this impede your ability to debride furcations? Do you rely on hand tools to help you clean them out? Any insights would be appreciated!

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I am a dental hygienist in Vancouver BC that has been working in this field for the last 7 years. I am half way through my Provincial Instructor Diploma program at Vancouver Community College, and am working on pursuing a career in teaching within this field. Much of what you will find here are articles I find interesting or textbooks I have found to be helpful. I will also be using this blog to relate my learning in the PID program to my current clinical practice. I have no idea how this blog will take shape, it is my first one after all, but I hope a few of you readers find it interesting!

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